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Welcome to the North Canterbury Primary Schools Sports Association (NCPSSA) Sport Event Portal. The NCPSSA organises a variety of events for primary schools in the Rakahuri and Pegasus zones in the North Canterbury area.


Now Available for Online Coaching

Schools are invited to enter their team and solo competitors into NCPSSA events using the links below...

The NCPSSA represents 23 North Canterbury primary schools and organises school sports events each year.


The NCPSSA meets about once each school term at the North Canterbury Sport and Recreation Trust Office, Mainpower Stadium, Coldstream Road, Rangiora. Participating schools are asked to send a representative to each meeting.


NCPSSA schools share in the running of the following sports events.



Schools organise their own swimming sports. Winners then compete in either the Pegasus (Kaiapoi Area) or Rakahuri (Rangiora Area) Zone Swimming Sports at the Dudley Park Aquatic Centre.


Schools organise their own cross countries; winners compete in the Pegasus (Kaiapoi Area) or Rakahuri (Rangiora Area) Zone Cross Country at Rangiora Showgrounds.



Schools enter teams into the Friday Winter Sports Competition in Rugby, Netball, Football and Hockey, along with other occasional sports options such as Volleyball, Archery, Table Tennis, Indoor Bowls, Ki O Rahi and more.  As part of this programme we also run the Pegasus or Rakahuri zone winter tournament, from which winning schools then compete at the CPSSA winter tournament.



Schools organise their own athletics sports to select entries for the Pegasus (Kaiapoi Area) or Rakahuri (Rangiora Area) Zone Athletics Sports. Entries from Pegasus, Rakahuri and Kowai go forward to the Canterbury Primary Schools finals held in late November or early December.

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